Need a prescription

How to get a prescription

If you think you will need a prescription medicine, you would need to make an appointment with the doctor. 

How to get a repeat prescription

If you receive regular medication and are a patient with long term conditions you will be able to receive a repeat by seeing one of our Registered Nurses who will get this signed off by the doctor. Your doctor will decide who can have a repeat prescription. If the doctor decides they would like to see you, it is most likely that from time to time we need your medications reviewed. This is done so to ensure your medication dosage are correct. 

You can ask for a repeat prescription by calling us when we are open. Wherever possible please give the exact drug names when placing a repeat. 

Please note there will be a charge for these prescriptions, and an extra charge if you require us to fax the script to a pharmacy. We do not post scripts to patients. You are welcome to come in and collect it if you do not want us to fax it to your nearest pharmacy.

Faxing prescriptions to your pharmacy

We can fax your script to the pharmacy of your choice. Please ensure you let us know the name of the pharmacy, fax number and postal address. Please note that most pharmacies will charge you to receive your script this way. 

To order a prescription

Using your log in for VENSA you can request a repeat script OR

You may either phone or email your request to

Please ensure you have at least 1 weeks supply of your regular medications in-case of emergency.

For repeat prescriptions please have your request in by 12 pm and it will be ready after 3 pm the same working day.


123 D Dominion Road

Mt Eden


New Zealand

Call and schedule an
appointment  today!



This practice is at full capacity and unable to enrol new patients for long term care.


Please note that NO SHOWS cost of $8 will be added to your account. If you are unable to make it to an appointment you need to call and leave a message for the team to free up the spot. 

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