Am I eligible to enrol with this clinic?

Our clinic is a member of National Hauora Coalition.


A person, who is eligible for publicly funded health services, as identified in section 32 of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000, can choose to enrol with a PHO. 


Click HERE to get more details, or you can get more information at http://www.moh.govt.nz/eligibility.

How can I enrol at your clinic?

 You may download the Enrollment Form here, complete the form and post it to us. Or you may come to our clinic and sign the form.Please also provide us the proof of your eligibility, e.g. a copy of your passport, residence visa, New Zealand Birth Certificate or Certificate of New Zealand Citizenship. If you are under 16 years old, please ask your parents to sign the enrollment form. 

We might not always be open to enrol as at times are books are closed. Call and check with us if our books are open. 

Is there any charge to enrol?
No, enrollment at our clinic is free.
Is there parking available?

Yes, we have parking at the rear of the building, entry is via George Street. Parking spots are marked with 'a' and 'd' on the ground. Please only park here otherwise you risk your car being towed away.




Links to helpful websites

Breast screening                           www.nsu.govt.nz

Cardiovascular Risk                      www.knowyournumbers.co.nz

Cervical screening                        www.nsu.govt.nz

Childhood Immunisations             www.immune.org.nz

Diabetes                                       www.diabetes.org.nz

Family Violence                            www.areyouok.org.nz

Fertility Associates                       www.fertilityassociates.co.nz

Lifeline                                         www.lifeline.org.nz/247-Helpline-_2101.aspx

Men's Health                                www.menshealthweek.co.nz


Mental Health                               www.mentalhealth.org.nz

Pregnancy Help                           www.pregnancyhelp.org.nz

Smoking cessation                       www.quit.org.nz

Sexual Health                               www.familyplanning.org.nz


Travel Vaccinations                      wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel