Measles outbreak

Measles is a virus that can make adults and children very sick.

It is highly infectious and can spread quickly and easily through breathing, sneezing and coughing. If you are not immune to measles, you can catch the disease just by being in the same room as someone who has it.


Click here - Information for people with suspected measles

Click here - Information for close contacts exposed to measles

Please talk to our nurses before booking an appointment for

Measles Vaccine. Priority groups are children under 5 years old who are due for their scheduled vaccinations and for Maori and Pacific people 15-29 years who do not have a documented dose of MMR. 



Immunisations services are one of the most important services we provide. Immunisation has led to the decline of many lethal diseases including, most recently, meningococcal B meningitis.


Babies are routinely immunised for tetanus, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B and haemophilus, which are now combined in one injection.


Injections are normally be done by specially qualified nurses or doctors, having ensured beforehand that the child is not ill or suffering from allergies.


Each child has his or her own document to keep a record of these injections.

Liquid Nitrogen Therapy


Liquid nitrogen is a fast, effective treatment to treat viral warts, sun damaged skin, skin tags and many benign cosmetic lesions.


It comes in a container with a nozzle and is sprayed on the lesion. Often one treatment is all that is needed but sometimes it may need repeating after few days.


We provide this service five days a week, please walk in any time for the treatment 

Minor Surgery
Minor Accident Care


Minor surgery is commonly provided in primary care practices, providing fast, competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions. Other services include cosmetic work such as removal of benign moles and skin tags. Ingrown toenail surgery is also commonly provided.

We offer a range of services and are able to deal with most minor accident care. Our doctors will refer you to a tertiary care hospital if the injury require specialist care. 

Medical Director
Dr. David Karthak


Dr. David Karthak completed MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Science and undertook a specialist doctorate in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi until he migrated to New Zealand.


He was awarded Diploma in Obs and Gynaecology in 1999, Diploma in Emergency Medicine in 2002 from Auckland University and Diploma in Clinician-performed Ultrasound from the University of Otago in 2010.


He is a GP with special interest in women's health and infertility related problems and is a member of American Society of Reproductive Medicine. 


Dr. Karthak is vocationally registered and is part of the Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioner. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the Department of General Practice at the University of Auckland.


With excellent people skills, he can comfortably communicate in Hindi, Sikkimese, Arabic, Nepalese and has an understanding of Bengali and Punjabi. Dr. Karthak is married with two daughters. Apart from his keen interest in health sciences, he volunteers his time and resources to charitable causes. He enjoys keeping fit and is a strong supporter of work-life balance.

Providing quality family medicine since 2000.


123 D Dominion Road

Mt Eden


New Zealand

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This practice is at full capacity and unable to enrol new patients for long term care.


Please note that NO SHOWS cost $15 added to your account. If you are unable to make it to an appointment you need to call and leave a message for the team to free up the spot. 

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